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Musée de l'Homme Musée de l'Homme

Place Palais de Chaillot
Access M° Trocadéro (lignes 6 et 9)
Address 17, place du Trocadéro
City Paris (France)
Phone 33(0)1 44 05 72 72
33(0)1 40 79 36 00
AdmissionEvery day except Tuesdays from 9.45 a.m to 5.15 p.m
Full rate4,57 €
Reduced rate3,05 €

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"Who can I write to in Ethnology re information on the collection of the Tsimshian stone mask by Alphonse Pinart?"
Posted by joanne macdonald the 2005-05-23.

"Est-ce que Francoise Foucault est encore a la musee? Je fais des recherches sur Jean Rouch et je serai a paris le 18 juillet. Precisement, je cherche ou l'on peut acheter des films de J.R. J'appartient de San Francisco State University and je cherche des informations du part de Documentary Film Institute. Merci pour votre assistance. "
Posted by janine vogel the 2006-07-17.
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"I am looking for the ethnographic collections of Fr. Emile Petitot from the late 19th century. These would have come from northwest Canada and Alaska. Do you have any information on these? Is there an online catalog of his materials? Any manuscripts? Merci."
Posted by Craig Mishler the 2007-06-06.

"Is the skull of the cro-magnon man found at the cro magnon site in Lez Eyzies on exhibition in musee de l homme ?"
Posted by Peter Vang Petersen the 2007-10-17.
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