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The museum reopens in 2006

Place Jardin des Tuileries
Access M° Concorde (lignes 1, 8 et 12)
Address 1, place de la Concorde
City Paris (France)
Phone 33(0)1 42 61 30 82

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"When will the museum reopen? I will be in Paris in mid-October"
Posted by Seymour Baida the 2004-09-23.
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"When will the museum reopen? I will be in Paris in November. Thanks. Peter Ungar"
Posted by Peter UNGAR the 2004-09-28.
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"Visit to experience one-of-a-kind toothpick sculptures created by world famous sculptor Steven J. Backman."
Posted by Steven J. Backman the 2004-12-19.

"I have been to Paris 3 times in the past 5 years and L'Orangerie was closed on each visit with no sign of renovation work going on. Will it ever reopen?"
Posted by Joanne Melanson the 2005-05-13.
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"The Cézannes and Renoir's from the collection appear to be on tour in Bergamo, Italy but where are the water lilies? Why is there no sign of any building work in progress? How come travel web sites such as Yahoo Travel still have articles saying what a fab place it is? As Joanne says, it's been closed for at least 5 years now! "
Posted by Stuart Smith the 2005-05-28.
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"What is the point of this website if everyone is asking the same question:"When will the Musee de l'Orangerie reopen?' and no one responds to the question?"
Posted by nancy mcgrorey the 2005-07-16.
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"This is probably the reason . . ."
Posted by Robert Craig the 2005-07-25.
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"Go to for information"
Posted by Janice Dykes the 2005-08-17.
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"Is the Museum actually opened?"
Posted by Alessandro Patroncino the 2005-10-26.

"Le musée de l'Orangerie doit réouvrir le 2 mai 2006. "
Posted by yatje the 2005-11-14.
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"The Museum of the Orangerie is expected to re-open on 2nd May 2006. "
Posted by yatje the 2005-11-14.
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"will it open in 2006 and when? "
Posted by fongfong168 the 2006-01-15.

"The French like to taunt us."
Posted by chiocay the 2006-04-05.
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"Le president, il a vendu les nympheas? "
Posted by Mitterrand the 2006-04-22.

"L'Orangerie will re-open on May 17, 2006. The reviews have been very positive. Sorry to not to have responded before but this is the first time we visited this site."
Posted by Team ThereArePlaces the 2006-05-03.
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"A recent visitor to the reopened Musee de l'Orangerie posted comments in Dr. Tom's Traveling New and Trivia blog noting his on the reopened museum."
Posted by Jeffery the 2006-07-28.

"A recent blog comments on the the reopened Musee de l'Orangerie - read Dr. Tom's Traveling New and Trivia for his take on the museum and exhibits."
Posted by Laurie the 2006-07-28.

"It has re-opened. Worth going. See my blog Best Travel Tips at ."
Posted by Steven the 2006-07-29.

"Howcome th Metro Museum Pass dos not list the Orangerie? How can I get a say 6 or 10 day pass for *All the Museums including this one?Can I wait till I get to Paris, can I get one in London?"
Posted by Heather Spears the 2006-08-23.
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"How come the Museums of Paris still refers to the Orangerie re-opening in 2006 when I have read in the papers that it has already re-opened? Shame on you. "
Posted by David Johnson the 2006-09-14.
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"the museum is alreay reopened!! "
Posted by sophia the 2007-08-07.
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